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      During our researches we developed studies also about the transcendental number Phi Φ (not to be confused with pi π), whose approximate value is 1.61803...
The Greek letter Phi

      This number, which like π is an “irrational”, possesses unusual mathematical properties, such as being the solution of a second degree equation: n² - n¹ - nº = 0 that can be simplified in n² = n + 1 and furthermore in 1 / n = n - 1.
      The fame of this number is in its being at the basis of the so-called “golden ratio” (or “divine proportion”) that can be resumed in the following image.

      In the image, the division of the lengths of A and B is equal to the division of the lengths of B and C.
      This “ratio” became very famous (and discussed) due to its appearance both in nature (human body, DNA, solar system, etc.) and in human works (art, architecture, music, etc.). We do not deepen in this topic, although we are interested in a near future to present an analysis of the “divine proportion” within the stated examples.
      In the last years it has been recognized the presence of Phi in a sector that called our attention: radioastronomy.
      In the year 2001 ELFRAD (“Extremely Low Frequency Research and Development”), research organization founded in 1986 and dedicated to the study of radiation (both arriving to the earth and generated by it) discovered a persistent space signal of 1.618033 Hertz.
      ELFRAD declared that they did not establish the origin of the signal in Φ Hertz since it is not related to solar anomalies nor celestial bodies. Anyway, its presence was detected on global scale.

The 1.618033 Hertz frequency detected by ELFRAD

      Unfortunately today the website Elfrad.com is not on-line anymore. We were able to find the (archived) page that referred to this particular frequency and we signal you its link:
      The presence of frequencies in space is not an “anomaly” by itself, explains ELFRAD: “the universe is composed by an infinite number of frequencies, some macroscopically huge, others microscopically small. All exist in relation the ones with the others. The colors of light, the musical sounds, the smell of flowers, are all compounds of combined frequencies. Some of them associate, others are out of phase and delete each other.
      Our five senses can interpret some waves and make them tangible to our perception. Acoustic, seismic, and electromagnetic signals both natural and artificial surround us and are part of our environment.”
      It is exactly the human capacity of perceiving and interpreting frequencies that brought us to the discovery of what we defined as the “golden sound”.
      Initially we tried, through computing, to reproduce the sound corresponding to 1.61 Hertz, which is the “golden frequency” tracked by the aforementioned research group, but we could not obtain any positive result.
      This is because the human hear only perceives sounds starting from 20 Hertz.
      We then excluded also the frequency 16.18 Hertz and focused on generating the sound corresponding to 161.80 Hertz.
      The result was amazing: the frequency produces what we defined “golden sound”, very similar to the “cosmic sound” Om.
      Om (a.k.a. “Aum”) is defined by Buddhism as “the primary sound of vibration emanated by the entire universe”.
      Hinduism defines Om as “the sound of infinity”, “essence of all mantras (religious verses), the highest matra (divine word), symbol of the entire universe” and finally “the name of the Lord”.

The sacred symbol of Om or Aum

      In Judaism the same sound is represented by the word “Amen”. This word, meaning “steadfastness, certainty, truth”, is placed at the end of prayers, use that is very similar to that of Aum in the Sanskrit writings.
      Particularly, “amen” is also interpreted as the acronym of “’El melekh ne’eman” (that is, “God, king of faith”).

The word Amen

      Also in Christianity the same sound is placed at the end of prayers. Furthermore, in the Revelations there is a reference to the Christ as “the Amen”.
      In Islamism the same sound is transmitted by the word “Amin” whose use is analogue to that of “Aum” and “Amen”, even if this word does not appear in the Koran.
      In Ancient Egypt Amen (a.k.a. Amon or Amun) is a monotheistic deity identified as “god of breath” and eventually as “god creator” and “father of the gods”.
      We created a program that reproduce the “golden sound”. The program (32.1 Kb) is found at the address http://xoomer.alice.it/arkeos/aumen.exe.
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